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Articles dealing with the significance and consequences of awakening to Capacitie. 

The Backward StepA readily downloadable PDF version of a self-published book which is a collection of my contributions to the NOWletter between 2014 and 2019. The table of contents is ‘bookmarked’ with links to provide quick access to articles of interest.

Consequences.   My summary of how the result of the experiments have unfolded for me over the last twenty five years.

The Mind of theTraveller by Eric Best

Eric introduces this essay as an attempt to explore and clarify, initially for himself but also for anyone else who is interested, a philosophy underpinning the practice of meditation. This paper does focuses not on 'how?' but 'why?'. Because meditation is practised in many ways by many people across many cultures, it is absurd to think that there is only one reason for meditating. The approach taken in this essay reflects the writer's experience, attraction and reading as a forty-something, theologically trained psychologist. Furthermore, the approach, like his personal meditation practice, is eclectic, borrowing as much from Oriental thinking as from Western, Neo-Platonic, Christian thought. There are many people who would claim to obtain real, practical benefits from meditating yet not wish to own the ideas presented here.

The Meaning and the Experience by Douglas Harding

The Little Book of Life and Death: Book review by John Wren-Lewis

Quotations for a workshop - 5 May 2007 

Notes on the effectiveness of the Headless experiments—Why the variable outcomes?

George Schloss Letters A series of letters dealing with the application, meaning and consequences of Headlessness, written by George Schloss, are filed on the 'Schloss' page of this site. See Menu at left of page.

www.headless.org The Headless Way website provides an introduction to the work of Douglas Harding, access to the Look for Yourself Newsletter, details of experiments, international workshop programmes, articles and a list of publications.

28 November 2019