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NOWletter 228 April 2021  Greville Street Gatherings —Musings on Experience, Alan Mann—Red is for Danger, Margot Mann—Researching in the Information Age, Trisha English—m e t ( ‘ ) a l o g u e, Mal Mitchell—Touching the Sublime, Jack Geddes—The Dreaming, Alan Mann— Xutang Zhiyu, Christopher Ash—Krishnamurti & Bohm, Two quotations—The Technology of Awakening: Experiments in Zen Phenomenology By Brentyn Ramm

NOWletter 227 March 2021— Greville Street Meetings,  In person or Zoom? — The New Information Age? From Trisha English — On Meaning from Peter Lim — Joel Goldsmith from Margaret Gracey — Misdemeanour a story by Margot Mann — About Nothing by Alan Mann — Books The Human Cosmos by Jo Marchant — A Normandy Experience  by Jack Geddes (From the Archive).

NOWletter 226 January 2021 —Emily Again by Alan Mann—Look Out! About Dave Knowles—Missing the Point by Traherne & Krishnamurti—January Reflections from Joan Tollifson—Just Like Roger a story by Margot Mann—The Incredible String Band again from Graeme Wilkins—Letter to Myself by Eddie Baigum—David Bohm, the Infinite Potential Website—Climate Action from Gawain Powell Davies

225 DECEMBER 2020—Awareness by Alan Mann—Summary, a poem by Peter Lim—House for Sale, a story by Margot Mann—Sleepless, a poem by Louise Joy—Amid A Half-Mad World, a poem by Mal Mitchell—Krishnamurti Dialogues, from Alan Mann—Where life Begins, by Krishnamurti—17th Century Phenomenologist, by Forrest Gander—In the Words of the Poets, Tennyson, Wordsworth, Traherne

224 NOVEMBER 2020 ...Red is for Danger by Margot Mann— It doesn’t make sense! & Gerotranscendence Again & Disinformation - from Alan Mann— Chuang Tzu from Peter Lim— You are Nothing by Krishnamurti— Artificial Intelligence by Trisha English---Haiku by Colin Oliver— Poems Emily Dickinson.

223 SEPTEMBER 2020   Strawson on Self or Story from Alan Mann — Haiku and Poems by Colin Oliver — Rainer Maria Rilke, Duino Elegies  — Time, a poem by Peter Lim — Hypnotic Mindfulness from Joanna Malinowska — Organ Harvesting by Mal Mitchell  — Lunch at the Yacht Club by Margot Mann — Facebook & Other Snips

222 AUGUST 2020    Solitude versus Loneliness by Margot Mann — My Prayer for a Beautiful World by Joan Tollifson — An observation on BLM by Thomas Traherne — Life in the Coronavirus World by Trisha English — That’s the Spirit! by Alan Mann — The Interview by Margot Mann — Looking Through God’s Eyes the book by Hans van den Boogaard

 221 JULY2020   What prevents a silent mind?- Professor Krishna — Krishnamurti’s ‘Other’-Alan Mann —Valentine’s Day-Margot Mann —No Self, No Problem (The Book)—Chris Niebauer — Hidden in Plain Sight (The Book)-Colin Drake — Homo Deus, Vipassana, etc-Alan Mann —uly GrevZoom with Christopher Ash-Alan Mann

220 MAY 2020  The Literature of Mysticism, Dave Knowles—Fire Front Report, Don Ross—The Zero Silent Source, Doug Lloyd—The Interpersonal World of the Infant.  (Stern), Alan Mann—Odds and Ends about Self—A Dialogue with Death, Mary Zimbalist—Some of my Best Friends, a story by Margot Mann

219 MARCH  2020   On David Bohm from Christopher J. Ash (McLean)—Meditation as Participation— On Enlightenment by Nancy Neithercut—Nitya — A Tale of Two Brothers the book by Mahesh Kishore—Waking from Sleep the book by Steve Taylor—The Ripples of Eternityby Colin Drake—Light A Candle…by Trisha English—Easter Music by Margot Mann

218 JANUARY  2020   It’s just another day by Peter Lim—Oneness by Eleanore Bruere—The House Of One by Servaas van Beekum—M. Somerville’s Wonder Equation by Alan Mann—What is Panspiritism? by Steve Taylor—Awareness as Anaesthesia by Colin Drake—Book launch by Margot Mann

217 DECEMBER 2019 Doubt is the Essence of Religious Enquiry-Trisha English —Floriade-Margot Mann—'An Experience of Enlightenment'-Brentyn Ramm—Bullet (Doubt)proof Awakening-Colin Drake—Nishida on ‘Nothing’-Alan Mann—The Felt Sense-Christopher Ash—Only this Emptiness-Bart Marshall—Krishnamurti with Bohm & Shainberg-Jenny Howe.

216 OCTOBER 2019      The Politics of the Common Good by Jane R. Goodall (Book)—Pâté and Toast by Margot Mann—Foundational Christian Nonduality from Colin Drake—Krishnamurti and me by Alan Mann—A matter of Description by Alan Whittaker (Letter)

215 SEPTEMBER 2019    Michael Pollan in Sydney—Alan Mann    Medium-Rare— Margot Mann    Douglas Harding on Stress—James Nichol    Generation of Hope—Thomas J Hancock    Letter to the Guardian—G. Innes-Johnstone    Cheer up!—Izaak Walton

214 JULY 2019    Egypt—Trisha English,  Book of the Month—Margot Mann,   Ocean of Consciousness—Colin Drake,    The Spread Mind—Alan Mann,    Ice-block Consciousness—Alan Mann,   Goethe & Byron—Celia Novy,   Tree planting to the rescue—Guardian Weekly  

213 MAY-JUNE 2019…..Why Traherne?—Alan Mann…..Velasquez—Antonio & Richard Lang…..The ‘Ten Marks’ of The Sufi Mystic—Colin Drake…..David Loy Sydney Workshops—Alan Mann…..Meetings—Chatswood and Byron Bay

212 APRIL 2019    — On Beauty and Evolution—Alan Mann—Book Review by John Wren-Lewis—The Giant Awakes--Reality – So Simple Anyone Can 'Get' It!—Colin Drake-Road-Map of the Heart—Peter Lim--On being drawn to some great thing—Alan Mann—Religion both Disease and Cure—Douglas Harding—Gebser—Letter 75—George Schloss--Greville Street Meeting Programme--Byron Sophia Philosophical Group

211 MARCH 2019    Review of Danah Zohar’s “The Quantum Self”—Mal Mitchell     A Bird in the Bush—Margot Mann     Blind to the Obvious—Daniel Kahneman     Krishnamurti and the Educational Enterprise—Trisha English     Haiku--Peter Lim     Epictetus—William Wray     No more worry about not being perfect—Douglas Harding     Pure Awareness Experience—Brentyn J. Ramm     David Loy—Sydney Programme     Greville Street Meeting Programme (NB. Changes to 2nd Sundays. See p12)     Byron Sophia Philosophical Group--Programme

210 FEBRUARY 2019    -  Neo Darwinism and Design 2—Intelligent design without a creator?— Prof. Richard A. Watson— Tree Survival Research — Assoc. Prof. Susan Laurance—Love by Colin Oliver— Joy Without a Cause—John Wren-Lewis— Self-portrait  Peter Lim -- 

209 DECEMBER 2018    ‘In the Footsteps of Zen’  Lim Meng Sing — Page Turner’ a story by Margot Mann —Groundlessness and Not-knowing: Joan Toliffson — The Experiments — Alan Mann — Link to Wm. Wray's Wisdom Works—Philosophy for All — Greville Street Meeting Programme

208 NOVEMBER 2018  Notes on ‘Out of My Head’ by Tim Parks—Alan Mann / Meditation at Large from Nick Morris / Notes on Iain McGilchrist’s The Master and His Emissary— Various / Phenomenology defined—Dave Knowles   Neo Darwinism and Design—Alan Mann / The Brotherhood of All Life—Celia Novy / The Krishnamurtis & Brexit—Mal Mitchell / Greville Street Meetings—Programme / Wisdom Works—Philosophy for All—link to / Harding Workshop—Sydney 9th December

207 SEPTEMBER 2018  An Uncommon Collaboration from Graeme Wilkins — Nature is what we see—Emily Dickinson — Epicurus meets Douglas Harding from Alan Mann — Mind and Cosmos from Dave Knowles — A last Minute Note from Mal Mitchell — Obstructing the New—A talk by Andrew Hilton — Greville Street Meeting programme

206 AUGUST 2018   The present is a potent time—William Wray,  Meditation and the Poets—Alan Mann,  Krishnamurti: Preparing to Leave —Trisha English,   “My Heart was strangely warmed”—Alan Mann,   Martin Seligman visits Australia—Katie & Alan Mann,   Greville Street meetings — Future Meetings

205 JULY 2018 — Life in the Passing—Trisha English on the Dark Web.—Metzinger’s  Kitchen—Alan Mann on passive versus active meditation with a postscript on Adyashanti. Notes from Barry Hora and Mark Beardmore.

204 MAY 2018Deceit & Self-deception  Don Ross — Field & Sky —  Colin Oliver.  Early Talks & Writings — J. Krishnamurti      On Meditation  Osho   Programme — Monthly Greville Street Meetings

203 APRIL 2018 —At the End of the Day— Trisha English      On the Self— Barry Hora       Why BlackDon Ross    Notes on Wonder— Alan Mann

202 FEBRUARY 2018Neuromania from Louise Joy — Ordinary-Extraordinary from Doug Lloyd — The I Am from Alan Mann — Paean of the Sort-Uncertain from Mal Mitchell — Metzinger on Harding, an extract from the Deconstructing Yourself podcast ­ — Scientific Scotoma from Oliver Sacks and Alan Mann

201 JANUARY 2018The Christos from Judy Bruce — Looking Longer from Alan Mann — Gerotranscendence — notes on a paper by Lars Tornstam