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GEORGE SCHLOSS 1922 - 2008   A farewell tribute to George Schloss, dear friend and strong proponent of and commentator on the work of Douglas Harding. His later writing is collected in two volumes entitled The Language of Silence, a self-publishing project in which George and I collaborated over the past two years. The books are available as paperbacks from the usual places online and as an Ebook download from Lulu, see below.

Articles dealing with the significance and consequences of awakening to Capacitie. 

The essays and letters on this page were combined in two books published in February 2008 under the title The Language of Silence - Volume 1-Essays and Volume 2-Letters. Pending wider distribution, they can be previewed or downloaded at or downloaded as PDF files from the LANGUAGE OF SILENCE links on this page. (See below).


Headlessness and the End of History by George Schloss.  This essay proposes that, “as a result of the availability of the experiments, we find our Self, both singly and collectively, in the unique position of possessing for the first time the potential, the conscious and concrete capacity to be both “in” at the Creation and, at the same time (since the two go hand-in-hand), present at “the end of history.” So, if these statements are true, and I believe they are, why aren’t the bells ringing?

“To realize this instantaneous Now, to live in the present moment, taking no thought for the morrow or yesterday, must be my first concern, my second must be to find in this Now all my tomorrows and yesterdays.” Douglas Harding The 'Letters to Carl and Anne' explore the consequences of this realization.

Thomas JJ Altizer An introductory essay by  Wilfredo H. Tangunan, Boston Collaborative Encyclopedia of Western Theology: Thomas JJ   1999

July 4, 2002 (34 pages) - to Carl 

December 28, 2002 (7 pages) - to Anne and Carl  

January 4, 2003 (2 pages) - to Carl

In this series of letters to Carl, George Schloss expands on the claim made in his earlier letters that the experiments represent the end of history in the sense of revealing its ‘telos’, its ultimate purpose, rather than in the sense of writing ‘finis’ to human life on earth. He demonstrates that a number of twentieth century thinkers arrived at the edge of this creative realisation but were unable to take the plunge in the absence of suitable means. He uses the work of Niebuhr and Pannenberg to illustrate that the tools to complete their work are now available in the form of the experiments where, as George points out “…speaking of everyday miracles, the invisible becomes visible in its invisibility”.

Letters to Carl numbered 1 to 17   from February 20, 2004 to July 6, 2004

Diagramatic summary of the letters  by Alan Mann

Questions & Answers – Alan Mann’s questions arising from the preparation of the summary and George’s replies. 

Experiments. Notes on the experiments referred to in the correspondence.(Foursome Experiment)

The letter groups listed below were progressively added as they became available. They are all now included in Volume 2 of George's book The Language of Silence at the link below or as a paperback from LULU  at

Letters to Carl numbered 18 to 34 from August 16 , 2004 to May 6, 2005

Letters to Carl numbered 35 to 61 from May 17, 2005 to February 14, 2006

Letters to Carl numbered 62 to 80 from February 24, 2006 to September 10, 2006

Letters to Carl numbered 81 to ...  from October 15, 2006 to the present

Introductory Commentary on the letters by Alan Mann



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