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I know not by what Secret Power
Ye flourish so: but ye within your Bower,
More Beautifull do seem,
And better Meat
Ye daily yeeld my Soul to eat,
Then even the Objects I esteem
Without my Soul. What were the Skie,
What were the Sun, or Stars, did ye not lie
In me! and represent them there
Where els they never could appear!
Yea What were Bliss without such Thoughts to me,
What were my Life, what were the Deitie?

Traherne - Thoughts 1 v4

This section carries articles and correspondence by George Schloss. His writing is based primarily on the consequences of the experiments developed by Douglas Harding. Taking the progressive development of human consciousness as the framework for theological, philosophical and scientific enquiry, he demonstrates how many approaches get to a point where something of a different order, from whatever process brought them to the edge, is necessary before breakthrough can be achieved. In a series of case studies backed by extensive commentary George demonstrates how the Harding inspired experiments supply this need.

I asked George for some background notes on his life and the reasons for setting out on this endeavour. In reply, he sent a letter he'd written to Richard Lang <>  in 2002, to which I added his recent letter to me. This correspondence provides a useful introduction to headlessness as well as to George himself.  (Biographical note) Following George's death in 2008 we combined a number of tributes to George in NOWletter 137-January 2009.

1 December 2019