"No brims nor borders such as in a bowl we see my essence was Capacitie."

About NOWletter

From everlasting His felicitie
Compleat and Perfect was,
Whose Bosom is the Glass,
Wherein we all Things Everlasting See.
His name is NOW, His Nature is forever.
None Can his Creatures from their Maker Sever.

From The Anticipation - Thomas Traherne.

The NOWletter is an occasional paper which is, nevertheless, published nearly every month. Recent issues and the entire archive can be found below. Our first issue appeared in 1993 as an extension of group meetings we decided to hold in Sydney following the visit of Douglas Harding in late 1991. It started out as an experiment to find out whether we could extend our dialogue and enable participation by people living too far from Sydney to attend the meetings. We also wondered whether a publication based mainly on reader contributions would gain the necessary support. We found the contributions of John Wren-Lewis particularly helpful and an archive of his articles is provided as a separate section on this site.

The NOWletter title is taken from the verse above and the publication started out as a hard-copy postal newsletter and later expanded through the addition of an email version. The email version is now posted to this site. The aim of the NOWletter is summarized on the front page of every issue as follows: The NOWletter appears between 10 and 12 times every year and is a vehicle for news and views about awakening to what is really going on.

The statement awakening to what is really going on, is a clue to the NOWletter connection to Traherne and his insistence on our need to enjoy the world aright by awakening into Capacitie. The content of the NOWletter is a combination of readers’ own letters and articles plus work by non-readers on subjects which our contributors find interesting and relevant to the subjects which arise from time to time in the NOWletter and at our meetings.

The Backward Step is a personal journey, a collection of contributions to the monthly NOWletter over the period from 2014 to the end of 2019 in which I have recorded my response to various teachings, both traditional and contemporary, arising from the proposition that what we accept as our everyday consciousness is better described as a form of sleep and, if this is true, whether it can be demonstrated to be the case and, if so, what might be involved in awakening.

The collection can be opened and read online from the link above. It is also available as a paperback from LULU Publishing.

April 2022

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There is no charge for the NOWletter which is posted to the website with a notification to the email addresses of subscribers. Contributions of reader letters and articles welcome. If you would like to receive a notification, please send an email with the word “subscribe” in the subject line to .

Your email address is for occasional notifications only, and you can un-subscribe at any time. It will not be shared with any other entities.

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Recent Issues

Here are links to the most recent issues of the NOWletter. The entire archive is further down the page. The issues are in the PDF format, which should work with most browsers. If not you can download a free PDF viewer such as Acrobat.

NOWletter 244, December 2023. Explanatory notes, Edward Thomas and Thomas Traherne -Jane Cox, The Emissary Recounts His Plight -Dave Knowles, Much Ado (From the Archive) -Alan Mann, Country Life A story -Margot Mann.

NOWletter 243, September 2023. Dave on The Voice, Dave Knowles -Akhenaten, Trisha English -Adelstrop, Edward Thomas -On Ending, Peter Lim -Poetry on Demand, ChatGPT -The Man with 20 Brains, Mark Whittaker -The Voice, Lenore Taylor.

NOWletter 242 June 2023. Saying, Seeing, Being, Alan Mann - Big Link Article, No-self, Katie Mann - Freeing Yourself from self-Consciousness, Brentyn Ramm - Awake Presence, Joan Tollifson - The Tree House, Margot Mann - A Note from ‘93, Alan Mann.

NOWletter 241 December 2022. Returning to Australia -Brentyn Ramm, A Loss of Something…… -Emily Dickinson, Postscript to the Wider View -Alan Mann, Returning to Israel 2022 -Trisha English, Greg Campbell and Hotei 2011 -Greg Campbell,C.S. Lewis, Barfield and Harding -Alan Mann, Cross-stitch — A story -Margot Mann.

NOWletter 240 October 2022. Christogenesis-Alan Mann—More on ‘More on Gebser’-Steve Hanran—A Letter from Joan Tollifson-Joan Tollifson—Violet, A Story-Margot Mann—The Sayings of K-Alan Mann—Vulnerability-Dave Knowles—Pure Awareness-Brentyn Ramm—Traherne Links-Paul S. Fiddes & Jules Evans—Elizabethan Romance-Peter Lim.

NOWletter 239 August 2022. More on Gebser-Steve Hanran, Three Questions and an Answer - Alan Mann, The Diagram - Douglas Harding, Dark Secrets of World War II - Trisha English, August Happenings — Brentyn Ramm - Latest paper, Interview - Tollifson & Harris, Mal Mitchell - Transapolyptic Now, ShawnNevins–Wren-Lewis ABC Interview, Jim Clatfelter - Combined Poems, The Events Manager – A Story - Margot Mann.

NOWletter 238 July 2022.The Face of the Other 1, Alan Mann - The Face of the Other 2, Graeme Wilkins - The Face of the Other 3, Peter Melser - Memberships: Inclusion and Exclusion, Peter Melser - Poem inspired by a photo of space, Peter Lim - The Ever-Present Origin - Jean Gebser, Postscript to The Ever-present Origin - Alan Mann - Listening Various - Shakespeare’s insights-freely adapted, Trisha English - Pure Awareness, Brentyn Ramm.

NOWletter 237 June 2022. ‘Politics begins as ethics’: Levinasian Ethics and Australian Performance concerning Refugees. Tom Burvill, Macquarie University,Sydney

NOWletter 236 May 2022. Greville Street Gatherings, Iain McGilchrist’s latest book, The Capacitie Website, The World’s fair beauty set my soul on fire-Dave Knowles, Why ‘Capacitie?’- Alan Mann, On Time from Joanna Malinowska, What is This?, The Soul selects her own Society – Emily Dickinson (303), Bennett on ‘Intensification’ from Mal Mitchell, Oneing’ – Dame Julian & Mal, Notes on Krishnamurti- Trisha English and Alan Mann, Collateral Damage, a story by Margot Mann.

NOWletter 235 March 2022. This is the last NOWletter to the existing list, Life lessons from Bergson book by Michael Foley, Seeing The Land by Max Dulumunmun Harrison, Monday Bloody Monday by Margot Mann, The Ever Present Origin & Duration -Gebser and Bergson, The Poets, Never Give Up, John Wren-Lewis Interview.

NOWletter 234 February 2022. Greville Street Gatherings, Realisations and Consequences by Alan Mann, The Apprehension by Thomas Traherne, Deconstructing Yourself -Michael Taft's podcasts, Quotes of the month, Conclusion -by Jim Clatfelter, Remembering D. Rajagopal from Trisha English, Xmas Hymn 2021 by Peter Lim, Soul or Sole? -Alan Mann, Psyche Magazine Article by Brentyn Ramm, After a Meeting by Peter Lim, You Can't be too Careful -a story by Margot Mann.

NOWletter 233 November 2021. Greville Street Meetings, Listening by Alan Mann, This Still Centre -Douglas Harding, The Red Umbrella by Margot Mann, Spiritual Exercises by Alan Mann, Online Interviews -Colin Drake, That Shady Nothing -Traherne & Bohm.

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NOWletter Archive

This is a repository of every NOWletter Issue. You can also use the NOWletter articles index to locate articles by name and find which issue of NOWletter they appeared in.

Early Combinations

January 1993 to July 1994. Combined Issues 1 to 10

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